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This book is not about numbers. It is about balance. It is not about numerology but about human-ology--that is, the science and understanding of human nature as seen and described in the three overarching aspects of humankind: body, mind, and spirit. Each individual aspect by itself presents a powerful force in the unique makeup of our nature. When considered collectively, however, they present an entirety of the whole-person concept, the likes of which each aspect compliments and compounds upon the effect of the other. Despite the numerical disclaimer, however, there is ample reason to consider the role and peculiarity of numbers as they apply to their places in the balance of life.
Throughout our research, we noticed the number 3 continued to make an uncanny reappearance from almost every conceivable angle--from the inception of our inspiration to the formation of our team and the construct and content of the message. The fact that the number 3 provides a foundational framework for the three aspects of the human makeup elicits a curious consideration, and hence, a sincere attempt to offer a plausible explanation of the role of numbers on the bearing of balance when considering those three aspects of our human nature.
The number 3 symbolizes the principle of growth and signifies the presence of a synergy the likes of which form the essence of who we are and what we are capable of from a physical, psychological, and spiritual perspective. The number 3 also represents the principles of increase, expansion, maturity, and abundance on the physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual levels.


333 is a book about balance, awareness, and introspect. It is a book that provides a distinct advantage of three unique perspectives of the three primary, overarching aspects of life. It is a book that can bring about the changes you seek to transform your life from what is to the limitless possibilities that are yours to define and freely imagine. 

333 is a book powerful three-letter word that captures the essence of everything.

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